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Advanced Protocols

CODAN HF Deta Decoder (CODAN-CHIRP, -3012 and -3212) 2.0 MB
GlobeWireless Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 1.6 MB
Tactical Digital Information Link A, TADIL-A 1.4 MB
PACTOR Packet Teleprinting Over Radio 1.0 MB
AX.25 Packet-Radio with OFDM 1.4 MB

Automatic Identification System 2.9 MB
A Suite of Standards for Digital Radio Communications for Use by Federal, State/Province and Local Public Safety Agencies 1.7 MB
Binary Interchange of Information and Signaling 1.6 MB
Digital Mobile Radio 1.5 MB
Digital Private Mobile Radio 1.2 MB
Packet Switched Network 1200 1.8 MB
Packet Switched Network 8000 1.5 MB
Terrestrial Trunked Radio Protocol 1.8 MB
TETRAPOL Digital Professional Mobile Radio 1.6 MB
Aeronautical Data Link Mode 2 2.5 MB
Packet Switching Protocol 1.4 MB

Land Lines
FAX-G3 and Modem Decoder in Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex 1.1 MB