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Company Profile

  • Wavecom Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1985 in Hohentengen, Germany, close to the Swiss border. In 1991 the company moved to Switzerland and established Wavecom Elektronik AG with its headquarters in Zurich city.
  • Since 30 years Wavecom Elektronik AG has mainly been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality devices and software for the retrieval (decoding) of information from wireless data communication in all frequency bands (short waves HF, VHF/UHF and satellite bands). The nature of the data communication may be arbitrary, but its content can commonly be text, images (e.g., fax) and voice. The company is internationally established within this industry and maintains a long-standing, world-wide network of distributors and business partners.
  • The very high quality standards combined with high system performance are appreciated by customers worldwide. The majority of our customers are government agencies, defense organizations and the telecommunication industry.
  • Continuous innovation, the use of cutting-edge technology and customer oriented after sales services are our key commitments. Nearly all of the turnover is invested in research and development. Our products are manufactured, assembled, and extensively tested in Switzerland.
  • Wavecom Elektronik AG is a joint-stock company and does not have any juridical or financial links or connections to other companies or official bodies. Wavecom Elektronik AG is completely owned by its managing director, Dr. Junli Hu .


Wavecom Elektronik AG
8090 Zurich, Switzerland
E-Mail: info@wavecom.ch
Registration No.: CHE-307.214.727