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End-User License Agreement (EULA)

  1. Wavecom decoder software and other relevant products are license protected, e.g., WIBU CodeMeter dongle.
  2. The license must be legally acquired. The protected software or the product itself can only be operated simultaneously up to the amount of acquired licenses. This means that a double license allows the user to operate the product simultaneously in two instances maximum.
  3. Any manipulation of the license, e.g., the amount, validity or to circumvent the license is prohibited. Wavecom Elektronik AG cannot fix the occurred damages, e.g., automatic annulations of the license or physical change of hardware component. In these cases the product must be newly acquired at its full price.
  4. Any manipulation to Wavecom software, especially hacking and reverseengineering of the product is prohibited. The damage occurred thereby will be passed on to the user, as pointed out in article (3) of these License Terms.
  5. Any Wavecom software may not be copied without the consent of Wavecom Elektronik AG.
Buelach, 7. June 2012