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Terms and Conditions


  • The list prices are net, exclusive VAT, shipping and packing costs, unless otherwise arranged. Wavecom Elektronik AG reserves the right to adapt the prices to offset concrete cost increases (e.g., production costs and exchange rate fluctuations etc).


  • The delivery time is specified in the confirmation of order/contract. The delivery time may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances, such as acts of God (epidemic, earthquake, etc), war, as well as delivery delays from our material suppliers. The delivered goods remain property of Wavecom Elektronik AG until the invoice total is fully paid.


  • The customer can choose the method of dispatch. Without any shipping instructions from the customer, we reserve the right to arrange the dispatch by any forwarder/courier of our choice. Any complaints regarding damage, delays or loss must be forwarded to Wavecom Elektronik AG in written form within 48h from the receipt of the goods. Complaints of suspected bad packing must be forwarded to Wavecom Elektronik AG on the date of receipt.

Return and Repair

  • The return of defect goods requires written approval of Wavecom Elektronik AG before dispatch. For a return covered by warranty, the costs for shipping the item(s) back to the customer will be paid by Wavecom Elektronik AG. The charges for shipping the item(s) to Wavecom Elektronik AG must be paid by the customer. For returned goods not covered by warranty, the shipping costs for both ways must be fully paid by the customer. Please take great care when returning your goods to us. The customer is responsible for returning the goods to the supplier without being damaged. We recommend that you use the original packing material.
    Our decoding cards require "HIGHSHIELD ELECTRO-STATIC SHIELDING". Observe precautions for handling electrostatic discharge sensitive devices. Protect the card against mechanical stress. Insure your returned goods.


  • Customer orders can only be accepted against advance payment by bank, Letter of Credit or check. For Letter of Credit payments, we charge an additional administration fee. Please observe the payment deadline stated in the invoice. In case of delay we may revise the discount term or apply a delay fee.


  • Cancellations of orders must be made in writing and have to be confirmed by Wavecom Elektronik AG. Any additional administrative costs already incurred at Wavecom Elektronik AG must be paid by the customer.

Changes of Order Quantities

  • Changes in the quantities of an order already placed may result in a change of the applicable discount and (if applicable) in a change of shipping and insurance costs. The unit cost may be adjusted to reflect this change.

Legal Domicile

  • Legal Domicile is Buelach. The buyer declares that for any legal claim against Wavecom Elektronik AG, he waives his legal domicile and hereby accepts the legal domicile of Buelach. The contract is based on Swiss law only.


  • Despite careful testing of our equipment, component or functional failures may occur. Wavecom Elektronik AG grants a warranty on hardware for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. Defective components will be replaced or repaired free of charge. No liability is taken for any other claims which may arise due to consequential damage arising from the use of this product. Damages resulting from unauthorized modifications, caused by accident, abuse or misuse etc are hereby disclaimed. Shipping costs for equipment returned to Wavecom Elektronik AG will be paid by the customer. In case of repairs covered by warranty, Wavecom Elektronik AG will carry the costs of return shipping to the customer.


  • The products of Wavecom Elektronik AG are sold on the basis of technical specifications valid at the time of sale. Wavecom Elektronik AG has no obligations to upgrade or modify equipment already sold.


  • The software of the Wavecom decoders is the intellectual property of Wavecom Elektronik AG and protected by international copyright law. Any copying of the software is prohibited without the express and prior consent in writing of Wavecom Elektronik AG and punishable by law. In addition, all warranty claims will become void.


  • Information contained in this publication may be changed at any time without prior notice. Despite careful preparation, this publication may contain errors or omissions and Wavecom Elektronik AG is not liable for any resulting losses or damages.

Export Check, Laws and Regulations

  • Our products with an ECCN number are dual-use and require the export check by the Swiss government. An End-User Certificate (EUC) is required at the time of order.
    Before using our equipment, please also take note of the laws and regulations of telecommunications authorities in your country. It is the responsibility of the users to determine whether the reception and decoding of transmissions is permitted or not. The manufacturer or vendor is not liable for violations of laws or regulations.

  • Buelach, 1 January 2015